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ICCM-16 Sixteenth International Conference on Composite Materials

Conference Topics

Continuously sustainable society
Green composites save the earth

Main Theme

A Giant Step towards Environmental Awareness: From Green Composites to Aerospace.

Suggested Topics

Active and Passive Health Monitoring
Aerospace Applications (Symposium Expected)
Biomedical Composites
Biomimetic Composites
Carbon and Ceramic Matrix Composites
Damage and Its Evolution in Composites
Delamination and Matrix Cracking
Durability and Aging
RocketEmerging NDE Technology and Reliability Issues
Environmental Awareness and Life Cycle Analysis
General Industrial Applications
Green Composites
Impact and Dynamic Response
Information Technology Applications
Infrastructure Composites and Applications
Interlaminar Reinforcements
Interphases and Interfaces
Joint and Bearing Behavior
Low Cost Composite Technologies
Matrices (Polymers, Ceramics and Metals)
Mechanical and Physical Properties
MEMS and Morphing Fundamentals
Metal Matrix Composites
Multi-functional Composites
Multi-scale Modeling
Nanotechnology Composites
Probabilistic Approaches and Design
Processing and Manufacturing Technologies
Reinforcements: Mechanics and Properties
Repair Technologies
Structural Response and Design
Technology Transfer
Testing: Mechanics and Methodology
Textile Composites

Please note that the conference is not limited to the above topics. If you have ideas for additional topics, please feel free to contact the organizers' mailing list: iccm16loc@chofu.jaxa.jp.

While the scope of the conference is broad, high-quality papers will be guaranteed through a careful review and selection process, in following with the tradition of ICCM. Relevance to the conference, accuracy, originality of ideas, and significance of the results will be evaluated during the review process.

Plenary Lectures

Please nominate a world-leading researcher or engineer in composites as the plenary lecture speaker by using the form downloaded here. The organizer will prepare 9 or 10 seats of plenary lectures including the "Scala" Lecture. The selection will be conducted by the local organizing committee except for the "Scala" Lecture.

Plenary Speaker Recommendation Download

A recommendation form shall be sent to iccm16loc@chofu.jaxa.jp

Tsai Best Student Paper Award

The "Tsai Best Student Paper Award" will be commenced at ICCM-16 after some discussions in the ICCM Central.  For the detail of this award, please see here.

Undergraduate or graduate students are eligible provided they are enrolled at universities at the time of submitting their abstract and are the first author and presenter of the paper.  Students may be nominated by their advisors or themselves using the form on the web site. The deadline for applications is the same as the full paper submission deadline.  Papers should be submitted in the normal way.

Applicant shall submit a filled format downloaded below together with a letter from the Advisor or other person in authority on university headed paper confirming the student's status and anticipated date of graduation by the deadline.

The organizer strongly advise to all eligible students to apply this award and all potential advisors to encourage them.

Application Form Download

Award Application Submission  iccm16paper@chofu.jaxa. jp
(Available in the end of February, 2006)

Specialist Sessions

Some specialist sessions will be organized by the world-leading researchers.
Examples of the well-defined sessions by the end of June 2006 are as follows:

Session Title Organized by
Structural Health Monitoring on Composite Structures Professor Nobuo Takeda Professor Alfred Guemes
Advances in Composites Applications to Aircraft Dr. Takashi Ishikawa
Innovation & Sustainability of Infrastructure with High Performance Composites Professor Zhishen Wu Professor Vistasp M. Karbhari Professor Bjorn Taljsten
ONR Session for Marine Composites Dr. Yapa Rajapakse Professor Yasushi Miyano
Bio-degradable and Bio-composite materials Professor Alan Kin-Tak Lau Dr. Girma Biresaw Professor Fritz Vollrath
Delamination Characterization Dr. T. Kevin Obrien Dr. Paul Robinson Professor Masaki Hojo
Metal Matrix Composites Professor Nikhilesh Chawla Professor Krishan@K. Chawla Dr. Javier Coleto
Composites Testing and Model Identification Professor Michael Wisnom Professor Masamichi Kawai Professor Fabrice Pierron 

Related Events

Some related events, official or non-official, may be planned.

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