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ICCM-16 Sixteenth International Conference on Composite Materials

General Information

Conference Venue

The conference will take place at the Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto), whose English name was changed from Kyoto International Conference Hall (KICH), in the northern part of Kyoto city. Kyoto is the cultural heart of Japan and contains 17 World Heritage Sites as designated by UNESCO. IIC Kyoto is easily accessible from Kansai International Airport (KIX) via Kyoto Station using the JR Express Haruka train and subway. KIX is serviced by more than 50 airlines with direct flights available from all parts of the world.

Kyoto International Conference Hall Kyoto International Conference Hall


The conference will take place during the build-up to the famous "Gion" Festival. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to see beautiful and exotic "Yamaboko" floats (see the picture below) used in this festival. Attendees able to extend their stay will be able to enjoy the unique parade (July 17th) which is the climax of this festival.


Several classes of accommodations will be available close to the conference venue or in central Kyoto city (accessed using the subway, for which a five-day subway pass is included in the registration fee). Rates for accommodations will start from $65 per night. Please see the “Accommodations Page”.

Call for Papers

A PDF file of a call for papers is available.

"Yamaboko" float

"Yamaboko" float

Call for Paper


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