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ICCM-16 Sixteenth International Conference on Composite Materials



Please use the following template for an abstract for ICCM-16.

Submission rules such as that one presenter can submit only one abstract except for the presenters in Specialist Sessions and Plenary Lectures are described in the template. Please read the template carefully.

An abstract in any other format than the downloaded template and in any other file than pdf shall be rejected. The submitter shall also follow the file naming convention described in the abstract template.

Please submit your abstract through the link below. Before submission, you shall create your personal page in the submission tool at the following link and obtain your access ID number to this tool.

Abstract Template (Closed) Download
Abstract Submission (Closed) Abstract Submission

Plenary Speaker Nomination

Please nominate a world-leading researcher or engineer in composites as the plenary lecture speaker by using the form downloaded here. The organizer will prepare 9 or 10 seats of plenary lectures including the "Scala" Lecture. The selection will be conducted by the local organizing committee except for the "Scala" Lecture.

Plenary Speaker Recommendation (Closed) Download

A recommendation form shall be sent to (Closed) iccm16loc@chofu.jaxa.jp

Full Paper

All of the submitters will be informed of the acceptance status of his (her) abstract by the end of February 2007. If his (her) abstract is accepted, a full paper in the format of the supplied template should be prepared. He (she) shall also prepare two forms of [Presenter's information] and [Copyright transfer] .

Please note that any equipment other than a laser beam projector for PC is never available.

Please send your full paper in a pdf file to the email address below. Any submission other than a pdf file and out of the file naming convention shall be automatically rejected.

The three forms can be downloaded hereafter:

Paper Template Download
Presenter's Information Download
Copyright Transfer Download

Paper Submission iccm16 paper@chofu.jaxa.jp
(please remove a space between "iccm16" and "paper".)

Tsai Best Student Paper Award

The "Tsai Best Student Paper Award" will be commenced at ICCM-16 after some discussions in the ICCM Central.  For the detail of this award, please see here.

Undergraduate or graduate students are eligible provided they are enrolled at universities at the time of submitting their abstract and are the first author and presenter of the paper.  Students may be nominated by their advisors or themselves using the form on the web site. The deadline for applications is the same as the full paper submission deadline.  Papers should be submitted in the normal way.

Applicant shall submit a filled format downloaded below together with a letter from the Advisor or other person in authority on university headed paper confirming the student's status and anticipated date of graduation by the deadline.

The organizer strongly advise to all eligible students to apply this award and all potential advisors to encourage them.

Application Form Download

Award Application Submission  iccm16 paper@chofu.jaxa.jp
(please remove a space between "iccm16" and "paper".)

Contact Information

E-mail: iccm16loc@chofu.jaxa.jp
Telephone: +81-(0)422-40-3560
Fax: +81-(0)422-40-3599
ICCM-16 Local Committee Office
Advanced Composites Center, JAXA Chofu Branch
6-13-1, Ohsawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0015, Japan

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